RubyConsultancy specialises in IT quality services for IT and web development companies, small to medium size businesses (including e-commerce), and also start-up companies.

For IT and web development companies we recognise the importance of setting your business a class apart from the competition. We can help you do this by offering an array of cost-effective quality services. Previously only afforded by large corporate companies, you can now tap into services such as software testing, project management, and quality assurance.

For small to medium businesses we understand many of the challenges you face including the need to have access to IT expertise but to pay only when you need it, and from someone you can trust – not only to understand your business needs but to be able to deliver affordable solutions that really make a difference to your business...and in a friendly, reliable and timely manner.

For e-commerce businesses where website usability is key, and ‘calls to action’ is what your business is based upon, we offer comprehensive website reviews, from looking at the user experience of your website, to more in-depth traffic stats and analysis reports, looking at ways in which your site can generate your business more traffic and, ultimately, income.

For start-up businesses, there is typically a minefield of tasks on your ‘To-Do’ list. We can take away some of the pressures by carrying out services such as copywriting, website usability reviews, and so much more.

Take a look have found a little gem in RubyConsultancy.

Hello from the MD . . .

Natasha Wynne

I’m Natasha and I own RubyConsultancy. I am highly experienced in the IT industry (over 20 years), highly driven ... and passionate about adding value to your business ...
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What our customers say

We are fully aware Natasha, you are probably the best tester ever!
Jonathan Hill, MD
Web design & development agency


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