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The business

1minus1 are an award-winning web design and development agency based in Surrey. Their portfolio of clients ranges from large organisations such as the Daily Mail Group and Vodafone, to SME’s and start-ups.

1minus1 pride themselves on having strong technical skills and, as a result of their ever growing portfolio of clients who recognise their technical strength, they were approached by a company who specialise in providing ‘heat and light’ control boxes – and they needed a software wizard through which the hardware could be set up.

This particular project required the software wizard to be built with huge accuracy, as it needed to cater for hundreds of different permutations of ‘set up of controls’. 1minus1 rose to this challenge magnificently, but also recognised the importance of having full, independent software testing carried out.

The approach

1minus1Ruby Consultancy was commissioned to carry out independent software testing. It was essential for Ruby to become familiar with the complex specifications which contained all of the rules, by which the software wizard could be set up. Following on from this, Ruby worked with 1minus1 to identify a Test Strategy, covering all of the different types of testing needed to be carried out (from browser testing to input field validation, to visibility conditions of input fields . . . and more!)

Ruby then went on to develop detailed test cases, which covered all of the key combinations and permutations of values that could be input into the wizard. This structured approach ensured all functionality would be tested, using a priority based approach.

Testing the wizard and recording defects, in an easy to understand and constructive manner enabled 1minus1 to fix the bugs, which would then be returned to Ruby for re-testing.

The outcome

1minus1 were able to focus on building great quality code with highly efficient turnaround times, knowing that they could hand over versions of the software for thorough, independent testing. By tapping into their strengths of great technical build, and allowing an independent test specialist to validate their work, created a fantastic partnership of skills and expertise . . . resulting in a high-quality product being handed over to a very satisfied client!


The testing on this project for 1minus1 has been nothing short of superb. We had absolutely full confidence in Natasha's capabilities and she absolutely proved that our confidence was well placed. Working with Ruby Consultancy was a great decision for us; the relationship has played an important part in helping to deliver an absolutely rock-solid and highly regarded piece of work for a key client.

Jonathan Hill, MD, 1minus1.

Natasha Wynne, MD . . .

Natasha Wynne

What our customers say

Natasha, the magazine articles you have written are absolutely beautiful...just stunning in fact!
Alison Mortlock, owner www.dillydaydream.co.uk
Independent small business specialising in luxury goods


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