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The business

Creative & Cultural Skills is the Sector Skills Council for the creative and cultural industries. Providing support and advice to people every step of the way throughout their career journey, Creative & Cultural Skills made the decision to revamp their website, to ensure there was clear navigation based on meeting people’s needs, a more up-to-date look and feel, and much improved engagement with social media and outside partners.

During the website re-build, Creative & Cultural Skills recognised the need for an independent usability study, to ensure the right phrases for the menu headings on the HomePage were selected, which would form an essential part of meeting their goal – clear and easy to use navigation.

The approach

Creative & Cultural SkillsRuby Consultancy was commissioned to carry out a short piece of work, working with a variety of people already in the creative and cultural industries, to test out which menu heading phrases for the HomePage did indeed appeal and reach out the most to their intended audience. Feedback on a variety of potential straplines was also required.

Ruby’s approach involved quickly identifying the right target audience, and creating an ‘easy to understand’ survey which captured all of the phrases Creative Choices wanted to test out, as well as the different straplines. The survey was issued with sufficient time to give people a chance to absorb the information. This was then followed up with discussions to ensure people’s responses to different phrases were captured in the form of qualitative data.

The outcome

A comprehensive set of results, including lots of feedback in the form of qualitative data was consolidated into an easy to read report - comprising charts to show ‘at a glance’ results of the preferred menu headings, supported by descriptive user responses. The results of the study enabled Creative Choices to come to immediate and informed decisions on which menu headings to use as well as which strapline to select.


This project required a fast turnaround and clear results in order to inform a decision which was causing a roadblock in the project. Natasha immediately grasped the essence of the brief, provided an estimate and plan swiftly, and got the project underway within days. She delivered a very clear report, which was superb at facilitating the decision-making necessary, in a very short timescale. We were impressed by both the speed and detail of the work, and would not hesitate to use Ruby Consultancy again.

Kerry Radden, Director, Plusarts (on behalf of Creative & Cultural Skills).

Natasha Wynne, MD . . .

Natasha Wynne

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