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The business

Flourish Studios is an award-winning print and web design company based near Guildford. Boasting an impressive portfolio of clients where projects consisted primarily of great web design and re-branding, Flourish found clients coming to them now looking for e-commerce functionality, including an award winning bridal jewellery company, Yarwood-White. Recognising that the website needed not only a great design, but also a fully tested and robust e-commerce capability, Flourish decided they needed an independent test specialist.

The approach

Yarwood-WhiteRuby Consultancy was commissioned to carry out independent website testing. Getting involved early on in the project meant Ruby was able to look at the Project Brief and make some ‘early-on’ recommendations about the website usability, and ‘look and feel’ of the website. Capturing issues earlier rather than later in the project lifecycle meant Flourish could address issues before the product went into build.

Ruby then created a website function map, detailing all of the functionality to be built . . . and from there detailed test cases were written. This structured approach ensured all functionality would get tested, using a ‘user scenario’ driven approach.

Testing the website and documenting results in a priority based, easy to understand and constructive manner enabled Flourish to quickly address any issues, and re-issue the updated website to Ruby for final testing and confirmation of bug fixes.

The outcome

Flourish felt safe in the knowledge that they could continue with good quality, web development work…knowing that an independent test specialist would be validating the website . . . providing independent testing expertise in an approachable manner . . . and Yarwood-White received a beautifully designed, fully functional and robust website . . . with website sales currently up by 600%!


Natasha provided incredibly detailed, fast and thorough testing on the Yarwood-White website. Her communication was easy to understand and implement, well structured and commercially focused. Natasha wasn’t perfectionist for the sake of being perfectionist – she was commercial and pragmatic and both we and the client felt as though we were in very safe hands.

I have already recommended we use Ruby Consultancy on another project and look forward to developing more projects with Natasha.

Fiona Humberstone, MD, Flourish Studios.

Natasha Wynne, MD . . .

Natasha Wynne

What our customers say

Natasha, the magazine articles you have written are absolutely beautiful...just stunning in fact!
Alison Mortlock, owner www.dillydaydream.co.uk
Independent small business specialising in luxury goods


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