Focus on Quality Assurance, Processes and Methodologies

Focus on Quality Assurance, Processes and MethodologiesUsing good quality standards, processes and procedures in running your day-to-day business really can pay dividends in helping you to, not only successfully deliver quality projects time after time; but also in the competitive arena of winning new business... from putting together a great quality proposal for a prospective new client... to selecting the most appropriate software development methodology... to meeting and exceeding your customers expectations by providing great quality services and documentation.

Your reputation for quality can be a deciding factor in whether a customer not only returns to you for repeat business, but also chooses to recommend you to other potential clients... let us do a review of any of your in-house procedures and you will gain an invaluable insight into potential areas for improvement, along with a set of ready-to-use templates to support you in implementing any changes.

Sample services:

  • Project Proposals review – an objective review of any proposal you have put together for prospective new clients; using our past experience we will help guide and refine your approach, resulting in a quality proposal that will stand out from the competition. Alternatively we are very happy to put the proposal together from scratch.
  • Project Methodologies review – an opportunity to look at the different software development methodologies available (from the more classical and traditional waterfall approach, to the more dynamic RAD approaches such as DSDM, Agile and Scrum), and to look at each of these in turn and how they could be best used to suit your business needs and your types of projects. This invaluable review will provide you with a working template of each of the methodologies that you can simply apply to each project.
  • Project Processes review – an opportunity to look at the wide range of processes available to support you in managing your projects; and which processes are the best ones to help meet the needs of your business – from project plans, to risk and issue management, to managing change requests – this invaluable review will provide you with a list of recommendations and templates that you can re-use from project to project.
  • Quality Assurance – a bespoke service tailored to meet the needs of your business. From reviewing the quality of documentation (from project proposals to functional specifications to project plans)... to a complete, in-depth review of your in-house processes and procedures - any review carried out will result in a list of findings and recommendations that can easily be implemented, with minimal impact but maximum benefit to your business.
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