Software Testing

Software TestingThe cost of fixing a bug rises dramatically the later it is found during the product development lifecycle – the earlier the bugs are found, the more time and money you will save on each project... building a little testing expertise into a project gives you a fantastic return on investment (ROI) through a pro-active approach to ‘early bug detection’. It also allows you to stay firmly in control of your testing timescales and budget for each project, thus avoiding the ‘happens all too often’ scenario of ongoing test cycles and bug fixing, fire-fighting and applying patch after patch fixes to live systems.

So save yourself time and money, and set your business a class apart from the competition by delivering high quality, tested systems to your customers... time after time.

Sample services:

  • Test management – including test strategies, test planning, test reviews
  • Test execution – including creating and running test scripts, defect reporting
  • Great value ‘bug blitz’ service – great if you need to keep testing costs down to a minimum, an exercise focussed purely on final testing, usually carried out shortly prior to the system is due to go-live, to ensure there are no ‘nasty bugs’ remaining before the system is implemented.

I specialise in system testing, functional and user acceptance testing, exploratory testing, usability testing, browser testing and regression testing... however I can also provide a complete range of testing, through a combination of my own skills and expertise or by tapping into my test partners, who are carefully selected for their specific expertise in specialist areas.

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