Website Reviews

Website ReviewsAre you an e-commerce business, or perhaps a young start-up business with a website to support your business model... in which case it is imperative that your website is easy to use and fully accessible... to the point that it beckons your customers to use it, to make that all important purchase from your site – and to get them to want to keep returning to your site:

Sample services:

  • Review of an existing website – including comprehensive usability testing and browser compatibility checks – of great benefit for an e-commerce website where the ‘look and feel’ and usability of the site can make the difference in whether or not a potential customer turns into a paying customer. Equally beneficial to start-up businesses who wish to assess the usability of their website and deliver improvements.
  • Great value ‘web blitz’ service – great if you have a strictly limited budget, an exercise which focuses on the ‘top priority’ usability features of your website.
  • Traffic stats analysis – an exercise that evaluates the current effectiveness and usage of your website, and how to get more customers to your site. From looking at the types of visitors that come to your site, how they find your site, what keywords they use... our report will give you a great insight into how your website is currently being used and what can be done to significantly improve the traffic you get to your site.
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